The ComfortPro consists of an APU (auxiliary power unit), an HVAC (heating, ventilation (fan) and air conditioning system) and a DCP (driver's control panel). The APU is a diesel powered generator that runs using diesel fuel obtained from the truck's fuel tank. The APU provides power to the ComfortPro HVAC and power outlet that are installed in the truck bunk.

Provides heating or air conditioning to the truck bunk.
Provides power to run 115V appliances in the truck bunk.
Charges the truck battery. It is more efficient to charge the battery by running the ComfortPro than by running the truck  engine.
​Warms the truck engine, by passing coolant that has been warmed by the APU into the engine.

The ComfortPro Shore Power option lets you plug your ComfortPro into standard 115VAC electrical outlet (shore power) and use the HVAC without having to run the APU. This option provides additional fuel savings.
For more information, contact ELW Company.
The APU is designed to be started when the truck engine is not running, that is, when you are not driving. The main engine interlock option is available to prevent the APU from operating when the truck engine is running. This option can be installed when the ComfortPro is installed, or can be installed at a later date; contact ELW Company.
When the main engine interlock option is installed, the only situation in which the APU and truck engine can both be running is in order to limp home.
The winter cover protects the condenser from winter road debris such as salt and slush.
To attach the cover, wrap it around the APU and secure with the hook-and-loop fasteners.

The ComfortPro includes the following "comfort system" functions:

Manual Operation: Manual control of the HVAC to provide a comfortable temperature in the truck bunk.

Comfort Monitor: You can program the ComfortPro to automatically turn on the APU and HVAC as required in order to maintain a comfortable temperature in the truck bunk.

Timer: You can program the ComfortPro to automatically turn on the HVAC at specific times and days of the week and for a specific length of time. For example, every day at 6:00 p.m. for 1 hour. There are two timers.

The ComfortPro also includes the following APU functions:

Temp Start: You can program the ComfortPro to automatically turn on the APU and HVAC periodically whenever the temperature goes below a specified value, in order to prevent the APU engine and truck engine from getting so cold that they will not start.

Battery Monitor: You can program the ComfortPro to detect when the truck batteries are running low and automatically turn on the APU in order to recharge the batteries.
Maximum Run Time: You can set the maximum time that the APU is allowed to run continuously.

A password can be set up to restrict the ability to set up or change the operation of any or all automatic functions.

You can also
Go Electric​

Eliminates your exposure to fluctuating fuel costs.

Increases your mpg while reducing the idle time of the truck.

Reduces the risk of premature failure of costly truck engine components caused by idling.

Minimizes the risk of costly fines associated with anti-idling regulations.

      Using 4 AGM batteries and our easy to use Comfort Monitor programmable software, the ComfortPro Electric unit delivers up to 12 hours of runtime.
Up to 10,000 BTU’s of cooling with thermostat and digital controls creates a consistant temperature that will make you feel like you’re at home.
With an optional fuel fired heater that produces up to 7,000 BTU’s of heat, you will have a full climate control solution to keep you resting comfortably wherever the road takes you.